Working ethics

We take responsibility for maintaining ethical relationships with suppliers who meet the principles and values of MC Leathers. Our supplier maintains fair pay, which allows local artistians to improve their living standards and economical position, helping their families and small communities overcome poverty. The ethical culture and enviroment our suppliers work in reflect the quality of our products.


We are responsible to meet and uphold the Tikanga (Customs) and Cultural Values of Maori. Our brand is a reflection of our culture, utilizing Maori art.It is our responsibility to consult with our Tohunga (Expert) and elders to seek approval and advice prior to completing our designs.


Our pieces all consist of quality cowhide, morroco or lambhide leather. Sourced ethically by our primary supplier and Balinese artisians from the island of Java. 


All our products are New Zealand designed, sourced in Indonesia due to the level of skill. Each hand-crafted piece is made with a high level of detail. Our long term goal is to source locally.


Our packaging boxes are NZ made, created with sustainable recycled cardboard. We encourage each customer to breakdown your boxes as they are eco-friendly and can be recycled or re-useable.